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Labor consultancy

We put a team of highly qualified lawyers, social studies graduates and advisers in labor law at your disposal, to give support and coverage to our clients in all the company’s labor aspects with the aim of organizing and planning the relations with workers and Business Directors and thus obtaining the maximum possible savings in terms of personnel costs.

We intend to support you in making strategic decisions in your company’s personnel matters, thanks to our knowledge of the legal doctrine and rules and our experience.


Main services in the labor area

  • Advice on labor contracts.
  • Affiliation of self-employed workers.
  • Preparation of Payrolls and Social Security with the application of bonuses to which the company is entitled.
  • Advice on Social Security benefits.
  • Workers registration, deregistration, and variations in the Social Security.
  • Preparation and submission of contracts and extensions.
  • Calculation and preparation of settlements and severance payments.
  • Preparation of 111, 190 forms and payments and deductions certificates of workers’ income tax.
  • Registration and deregistration for temporary disability, labor accidents...
  • Processing of dismissals, sanctions against workers and legal assistance both in prior conciliations as in the court proceedings.
  • Deferral Contributions to Social Security.
  • Management and processing of contributory and non-contributory pensions: retirement, disability...
  • Assistance, representation and defense of the company before the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate.
  • Representation of the company before the Social Courts.
  • Mediation in individual and collective labor disputes.
  • Study and drafting of appeals before the Court of Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction.
  • Consultancy and processing of files for capitalization of unemployment benefits.

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