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Our team

Tax consultants, social graduates, technicians in labor relations, economists, auditors, consultants and lawyers


Tax consultancy, labor consultancy, accounting consultancy, legal consultancy, audit services, consultancy, training


(00) +34 918 053 163


Being a member of the E-CONSULTING network will bring you great benefits in a short time
  • Assistance to consultations on Legal, Tax, Labor, Commercial, Accounting and Business matters.
  • Invitation and participation to the meetings proposed by the NETWORK.
  • Inclusion in the advertising of the quarterly publication of the E-Consulting Journal, with the partner's anagram in the cover, in a digital edition.
  • Issuance of articles in the journal written by the PARTNER, previously approved by the E-CONSULTING management.
  • Free access to databases contracted by the NETWORK.
  • Expansion of PARTNER benefits not among the supply of services (Consultancy, Auditing, Training, Insurance, etc...).
  • Exploitation of all the agreements signed by E-CONSULTING (banks, materials, software, books, etc...).
  • Reception of circular notes with the legal developments of the moment.
  • Access to the E-CONSULTING intranet.
  • Email account with the E-CONSULTING domain.

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