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Consultancy services

Due to the experience of our team of professionals and their knowledge in many sectors and analyzing customer demands, and the need to optimize their resources, we are prepared to provide specialized consultancy service solutions for the restructuring and reorganization of enterprises.

Consultancy services | E-consulting

Main services of the consultancy area

  • Outsourcing of administrative and controlling tasks. Outsourcing and subcontracting of administrative services of SME companies to our office (outsourcing of departments or control tasks thereof, or outsourcing for the accounting, labor department, financial department, the area of human resources and/or administration in general), to reduce structure costs and facilitate entrepreneurs their dedication to the business.
  • Labor restructuring. Collective bargaining with workers, employment regulation orders, modification of conduct protocol for workforce collectives, staff remuneration systems, etc...
  • Financial and economic restructuring. Consultancy services for companies with economic and financial difficulties, with solvency or business continuity problems, by resizing the strategies and operational needs of their business and the different stages of the process (feasibility plans, debt renegotiation with financial institutions, pre-insolvency agreements and negotiations with creditors, improvements in the management of their working capital, etc.)
  • Business trading (purchase-sale) and business transfers
  • Withdrawal of shareholders and negotiation of corporate agreements
  • Family businesses. Family succession planning and creation of family conduct and business continuity protocols.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, negotiation, control, and processing.

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